El Amante Abandonado

El Amante Abandonado
Música clásica de la ciudad de Constantina, Argelia
Ensemble, Sheij Salim Fergani, dir.
Pneuma PN-920


    Hawzi y Mahjuz
  1. Istikbar: Our two tormented hearts
  2. Hawzi: Do not forsake your loved one
  3. Mahjuz: The inconsolable lover

  4. Suite Rahahoui
  5. Taqsim 'ud and fhal Rahaoui
  6. Taqsim fhal. Love is a torment
  7. Istikbar. You who want to know love
  8. Inklab. Tonight
  9. Khlas. May your hapiness continue

Salim Fergani ('ud, voice), Youcef Bounas (djuwàq or fhal, zurna), Nabil Taleb (kemandja), Bachir Gouli (tar), Khaled Smair (darbuka)
Sheij Salim Fergani, dir.

Playing time: 59' 49"

Recording site and date:
Palacios de los Beys de Constantine [06/2006]
Rel.: 2007

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