John Dowland - The First Book of Ayres

John Dowland
The First Book of Ayres
The Pro Musica Antiqua - Safford Cape, dir.
Period SPL 727 [LP, mono]
Dover HCR 5220 [LP, mono]
Boîte à Musique LD 045 [LP, mono]


    John Dowland
  1. Come away, come sweet love
  2. Come, heavy sleep
  3. Sleep, wayward thoughts
  4. If my complaints
  5. Would my conceit
  6. Awake, sweet love
  7. All ye, whom Love or Fortune
  8. Now, O now, I needs must part
  9. Can she excuse my wrongs
  10. Come again: sweet love doth now invite
  11. -
  12. Wilt thou unkind thus reave me
  13. My thoughts are wing'd with hopes
  14. Dear, if you change
  15. Rest awhile, you cruel cares
  16. Think'st thou then by thy feigning
  17. Unquiet thoughts
  18. His golden locks
  19. Who ever thinks or hopes of love
  20. Burst forth my tears
  21. Lord Chamberlain, His Galliards
  22. Go crystal tears
  23. Away with these self-loving lads

Playing time: ??' ??"

Pro Musica Antiqua, Brussels Elisabeth Verlooy (soprano), Jeanne Deroubaix (contralto), René Letroye (tenor), Franz Mertens (tenor), Willy Pourtois (bass), Michel Podolski (lute), Silva Devos (recorder), Janine Tryssesoone (treble viol), Gaston Dome (tenor viol), André Douvere (tenor viol)
Safford Cape, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1959 or prior]

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