2000 Jahre Musik (XI): Kammermusik um 1700

2000 Jahre Musik (XI): Kammermusik um 1700
Glissmar, Bodky, Blumensaat
Parlophon (Beka) B 37032 [78rpm, 25 cm, Germany]
Parlophone R 1026 [78rpm, 25 cm, Great-Britain]
Odeon O-4310 [78rpm, 25 cm, Germany]
Decca (U.S.A.) 20166 [78rpm, 25 cm, U.S.A.]


    Johann Sebastian Bach
  1. Sonata no. 2 for violin and clavichord, 1st movement

  2. ----
    Georg Friedrich Händel
  3. Trio: Sonata no. 3, E flat, 1st movement

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1] M. Glissmar (violin), Erwin Bodky (harpsichord)
[2] G. Blumensaat (oboe), M. Glissmar (violin), Erwin Bodky (harpsichord), (unknown ('cello)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1930 or prior];
Rel.: 1930

Decca DX 106 [LPx2, mono] Two Thousand Years of Music

Information from owned LPs, WERM (1952 ed.), Library of Congress on-line catalogue.

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