Videte miraculum

Videte miraculum
Keskiaikaisia birgittalaislauluja Naantalin luostarista - Medieval Brigittine songs from Naantali Convent
Vox Silentii
Proprius PRCD 2021


  1. Responsory (sunday matins): Summe Trinitati
  2. Responsory (monday matins): Te sanctum Dominum
  3. Responsory (monday matins): Benedicta terra
  4. Responsory (tuesday matins): Eva mater
  5. Hymn (tueday prime): Veni creator Spiritus
  6. Antiphon (tuesday lauds): Benedictus sis tu
  7. Antiphon (wednesday matins): Corrige Virgo
  8. Responsory (thursday matins): Videte miraculum
  9. Responsory (friday matins): Perenniter sit benedicta
  10. Hymn (friday lauds): Rogatus Deus rumpere
  11. Antiphon (friday lauds): O Virgo
  12. Responsory (saturday matins): Beata es, Virgo Maria
  13. Antiphon (saturday complines): Gaudendum nobis est

Playing time: 48' 58"

Vox Silentii:
Kirsti Autio (vocal), Johanna Korhonen (vocal), Hilkka-Liisa Vuori (vocal)

Recording site and date:
Naantali Church, Naantali, Finland [05/2002];
Rel.; 2002

Reviewed in:
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Early Music America (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Goldberg (#-p.):
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Information from CD.
The songs on this CD are taken from the daily prayers of the Birgittine sisters. The songs are known as Cantus Sororum (Songs of the Sisters). Birgitta wanted the sisters in her order to praise God using a liturgy created especially for them.
Seven of the songs featured on this CD are great responsories, which are the most meditative within the whole cycle. They are sung in the early hours of the morning. The antiphons are like little beads, which are sung together with the psalms. There are also two hymns on the CD.
The CD is recorded in the Naantali Church, Finland, the very same place in which they were sung by the Armonlaakso (Valley of Grace) in the 15th century. (From Proprius website).

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Pierre-F. Roberge