Gaude Birgitta

Gaude Birgitta
Medeltida Birgittinersånger - Medieval Brigettine Chants
Schola Gothia
Proprius PRCD 2026


  1. Antiphona: Latuit in blando
  2. Hymnus: Rubens rosa
  3. Antiphona: Gaude Birgitta
  4. Antiphona: Rosa rorans bonitatem
  5. Sequentia: Missus Gabriel
  6. Hymnus: Caelestis erat curia
  7. Antiphona: Maria, Maria
  8. Responsorium: Sicut spinarum
  9. Antiphona: O Birgitta
  10. Responsorium: Videte miraculum
  11. Antiphona: Benedictus sis tu dignissime
  12. Sequentia: Tota pulchra es, amica
  13. Antiphona: Omnem potestatem
  14. Antiphona: Annuncietur
  15. Responsorium: Eva mater
  16. Sequentia: In hijs solempnijs
  17. Hymnus: Trina celi

Playing time: 58' 18"

Schola Gothia:
Ulrike Heider (voice), Christina Kvick (voice), Yvonne Carlsson (voice), Helene Stensgård Larsson

Recording site and date:
Vadstena Klosterkyrka, Sweden [10/2002];
Rel.: 2002

Reviewed in:
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Early Music America (Vol./#-p.):
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Goldberg (#-p.):
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Information from CD.
Schola Gothia is a professional female vocal quartet whose principal repertoire consists of music from the early middle ages. The quartet has toured in Sweden and performed widely throughout Europe as well as taking part in festivals of early music. Their repertoire consists principally of Gregorian chant and polyphonic works from the 14th and 15th centuries. Performances are always prepared using notation of the period.
This CD presents an extensive selection of songs from the Bridgettine liturgy as well as a couple of pieces that were not included in the original liturgy but that were added later. The songs on this disc represent various different liturgical forms and genres: aniphons, responses and sequences (from Proprius website).

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