Frauenlob's Song of Songs

Frauenlob's Song of Songs
A Medieval German Poet And His Masterpiece
Barbara Newmann (writer) et al.
Pennsylvania State University ISBN-13: 978-0271029252 [Book + CD]


    Included with the book is a CD recording of the Marienleich by the noted ensemble Sequentia, directed by Benjamin Bagby and the late Barbara Thornton. The surviving music is the composer's own, reconstructed from fragmentary manuscript sources. Accompanying Newman's translation is a facing-page edition of the German text, detailed commentary, and a critical study presenting the most thorough discussion to date of Frauenlob's oeuvre, social context, philosophical ideas, sources, language, music, and influence (from Editorial reviews,

Barbara Newman, Karl Stackmann, Barbara Thornton, Benjamin Bagby

Publishing date:
Pennsylvania State University Press (January 30, 2007)

Information from Barbara Newman and
Perhaps some of our readers would be interested in knowing this book, since the CD is otherwise hard to find.

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