Russki Partes - Early Russian Polyphony & Josquin

Russki Partes - Early Russian Polyphony & Josquin Desprez - Elizabeth Mass
Tver Philarmony Madrigalist Choral Ensemble - Igor Juravlenko, dir.
Pavane ADW 7324


    Josquin Desprez:
  1. Motet: Tu pauperum refugium

  2. Josquin Desprez: Missa "Faisant regretz" (aka Elizabeth Mass)
  3. Kyrie
    Agnus Dei

  4. Anon., Bielorussia, early 17 th c.:
  5. Monodie: Let our lips being full of praise for you
  6. Monodie: Trisagion
  7. Monodie: Now lettest thou thy servant
  8. Monodie: He rejoices because of you

  9. Anon., Russia, half 17 th c.:
  10. Miserere
  11. The Angel's voice

  12. Anon.:
  13. Spiritual verse: Adam's contrition before heaven

  14. T. Makarievsski (bulgarian melody):
  15. Hymn of Cherubims of Tikhon

  16. Vassili Titov:
  17. Hymn of Cherubims (à 3)

  18. Anon., 17th c., bulgarian melody:
  19. We sing the praises of you (à 4)

  20. Tsar Alexei Michailovich, Ivan Protopopov's harmonization:
  21. We sing your praises

  22. Simeon Pekalitski
  23. Your Holy Spirit

  24. Vassili Titov:
  25. David's psalm 107: My Heart is ready (à 8)

Playing time: 69' 49"

Tver Philarmony Madrigalist Choral Ensemble [Tatiana Voropaeva (soprano), Galina Zakharovskaia (soprano), Galina Juravleva (mezzo), Anatoli Zemlianski (tenor), Dmitri Karmalinski (tenor), Anatoli Ruban (tenor), Igor Tchelombitko (baritone), Edouard Levin (bass), Vladimir Zaviadov (bass)] - Igor Juravlenko, dir.

Recording site and date:
Pellenberg Church [07/1994]

Other releases (identical, first and re-releases): This is the original CD release

Other releases (compilation): none

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Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):419-124 (oct. 1995)
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Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

Comments: Information from owned CD. Unless you want to own all version of Josquin's mass, this is the last one to purchase. The russian section is better, noticeably polyphonies such as Makarievski's hymn.

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Pierre-F. Roberge