Ciconia: Complete Works

Ciconia: Oeuvre intégrale
Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel
Pavane 7345/7 (3 CDs)


    Italian secular works

  1. Una Panthera (madrigal; 3 voices, bombard, 2 sackbuts)
  2. Chi nel servir (ballata; voice, échaquier, vielle)
  3. Poy che morir (ballata; voice, recorder, rebec)
  4. I cani sono fuora (madrigal; 2 voices, lute)
  5. O rosa bella (ballata; voice, lute, vielle)
  6. Chaçando un giorno (madrigal; shawm, bombard)
  7. Lizadra donna (ballata; voice, vihuela, vielle)
  8. Deduto sei a quel (ballata; 2 voices, 2 krumhorns)
  9. Merçe o morte (ballata; voice, sackbut, rebec, recorder)
  10. La fiamma del to amor (ballata; voice, rebec, recorder)
  11. Per quella strada lactea (madrigal; 2 voices, sackbut)
  12. Dolçe fortuna (ballata; voice, échaquier)
  1. Chi vole amar (ballata; 3 voices, lute)
  2. Con lagreme bagnandome nel viso (ballata; voice, échaquier, rebec)
  3. Motets

  4. Albane misse celitus (isorhythmic motet; choir, shawm, 2 bombards)
  5. O Petre Christi (motet; voice, bombard, sackbut)
  6. O virum omnimoda (isorhythmic motet; 3 voices, 2 shawms, 2 bombards)
  7. Doctorum principem (isorhythmic motet; 2 voices, 2 cornets, 2 sackbuts)
  8. Petrum Marcello (isorhythmic motet; 2 sopranos, 2 shawms, 2 sackbuts, 2 cornets)
  9. Ut te per omnes (motet; 2 voices, 2 bombards, 2 sackbuts)
  10. O felix templum (motet; choir, 3 bombards)
  11. O beatum incendium (motet; choir, organ)
  12. O Padua sidus praeclarum (motet; 3 voices, bombard, sackbut)
  13. Regina gloriosa (motet; voice, cornet, échaquier, vielle)
  14. Venecie mundi splendor (motet; choir, cornet, organ)

    French secular works

  1. Le ray au soleyl (proportional canon; shawm, 2 bombards)
  2. Aler men veus (chanson-ballata; voice, lute)
  3. Quod jactatur (canon; lute, vielle, recorder)
  4. Sus un fontayne (virelai; voice, échaquier, vielle)
  5. Mass Sections

  6. Et in terra pax & Patrem Omnipotentem (Gloria & Credo; 2 voices, choir, 2 bombards, 2 sackbuts, organ)
  7. Et in terra pax & Patrem Omnipotentem (troped Gloria & Credo; 2 voices, bombard, sackbut)
  8. Et in terra pax (Gloria; 4 voices, rebec, 2 sackbuts, organ)
  9. Et in terra pax & Patrem Omnipotentem (Gloria & Credo; 5 voices, cornet, vielle, sackbut)
  10. Et in terra pax (troped Gloria; 4 voices, 2 cornets, 2 sackbuts)
  11. Et in terra pax (troped Gloria; 2 voices, cornet, organ)
  12. Patrem omnipotentem (Credo; voice, sackbut, organ)

Performers: Wim Becu (sackbut), Josep Benet (tenor), Willem Bremer (bombard, cornet), Philippe Cantor (bass), John Dudley (tenor), Nils Ferber (shawm, krumhorn, bombard), Christine Frantzen (lute, vihuela), Jo Gulinck (bass), Nancy Long (soprano), Marcel Onsia (organ, sackbut), Ingrid Smit Duyzentkunst (soprano), Alain Sobczak (shawm, bombard, krumhorn), René Van Laken (rebec, vielle, bombard), Paul Van Nevel (recorders, bombard, échaquier, organ), Marion Verbruggen (cornet), Howard Weiner (sackbut); Anne Crabbe, Rila Joris, An Mertens, Chris Nieuwenhuysen, Ingrid Wage, Ingrid Westerlaak (choir)

Playing time: 197'

Recording date: October - December 1980 (Leuven); originally issued as Musique en Wallonie 80040/44 in 1982

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 449-62 June 1998)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 21/6-122 (July-August 1998)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 75/901-99 (may 1998)

A complete program always has its interest.... The notes for the present program do not yet separate Ciconia into what is now believed to be at least two people of the same name (one a musician & one a theorist).

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