Medieval and Renaissance Music

A Ricolta Bubu - Medieval and Renaissance Music
Bob, Frank en Zussen
Pavane ADW 7391


    Magister Laurentius de Florentia:
  1. A ricolta bubu

  2. Anon., ca 1500
  3. Cancion Nina y vina

  4. Anon, trad.:
  5. Brasilia

  6. John Dowland:
  7. Fine knacks for ladies

  8. Claude Gervaise:
  9. À Paris

  10. Andrea Stefani, ca. 1360
  11. I senti' matutino

  12. Stephen Foster:
  13. Hard times

  14. Sopron book for the virginal:
  15. Hajdu

  16. Juan del Encina - Giorgio Mainerio:
  17. Ay triste que vengo ! - Schiararazulla marazulla

  18. Anon., ca 1250:
  19. Cil s'entremet

  20. Anon./Frank Claessens (mus.):
  21. My Papa's waltz:

  22. A. Gardani:
  23. Saltarello del Re

  24. Anon., trad.:
  25. When a knight

  26. Heinrich Isaac:
  27. Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen

  28. John Dowland:
  29. Mrs. Nichols almand

  30. Anon., trad., 15th c.:
  31. La morillas de Jaen

  32. Frank Claessens:
  33. Balamando

Playing time: 49' 19"

Performers: Bob, Frank en Zussen [Frank Claessens (vocals, guitar, mandolin, tiple, balalaïka, recorder, flute), Gina Claessens (vocals, recorder, violin, percussion), Philippe Lardinois (vocal, guitar, spinet, harmonium, recorder, percussion), Randi Broager-Grøn (vocals, harmonium, percussion)].

Recording site and date: Studio The Groove, Schelle [1997]

Other releases: this the second CD (known to me) of this group, the first one being: Pavane ADW 7270 Medieval and Renaissance Music - Pour ung plaisir.

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 21/6-284 (july/august 1998)

Comments: More folksingers than medieval/renaissance players. Although I found the female vocalists often irritating, I must admit that the choice of instrumental pieces is very pleasing. For me, far better than the previous CD. I had much fun listening to this recording, but maybe sometimes I am a folkie of a certain age

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Pierre-F. Roberge