Musique Russe Baroque

Musique Russe Baroque
Ensemble Syntagma - Alexandre Danilevski
Pierre Vérany 700035


  1. Mon coeur s'embrase
  2. Ferme, merveilleux, infini
  3. Ô, qu'il est doux
  4. Ma seule joie
  5. Dans ta tristesse
  6. Dieu! Qui séjourne
  7. Fort dans ta méchanceté
  8. Par sa beauté
  9. Monde hypocrite
  10. Ensemble chantons aujourd'hui
  11. Ne mortifie plus ton sein
  12. La fortune fut toujours
  13. Quand le Dieu
  14. Ô, l'amère lumière
  15. Un amour immense
  16. Aujourd'hui le monde entier

Performers: Sarah Bilèn (soprano), Agnieszka Budzinska (soprano), Bernhard Schafferer (countertenor), Thaïs Ohara (violin), Giovanna Pessi (harp), Liam Fennely (viol), Jean-Pierre Pinet (flute), Bernhard Stilz (recorders), Agileu Motta (theorbo), Alexandre Danilevski (archlute, guitar)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: June 2001 (Paris)

The contents of this recording consist of kantï, a sort of proto-secular psalm genre aimed at Russian amateurs. This was the first Russian music to use Western notation. The pieces are taken from a 1958 publication by T. Livanova, and date to c.1690-c.1740. Apparently they are anonymous. For the recording, the titles are given, rather awkwardly, in French.

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