Song of Beasts

Song of Beasts
Fantastic Creatures in Medieval Song
Ensemble Dragma
Ramée 1901 [CD]


    I. Hear Me Roar

  1. Ciconia: Una panthera in compagnia de Marte
  2. Anon: Ung lion say
  3. II. On the Art of Hunting

  4. Paolo da Firenze: Un pellegrin uccel
  5. Jacopo da Bologna: Un bel sparver
  6. Landini: Selvaggia fera
  7. Ciconia: I cani sono fuora
  8. III. On the serpent Python, born from the excess moisture of the Earth, and it was slain by Pheobus

  9. Magister Franciscus: Phiton, Phiton
  10. IV. On all Kinds of Birds and their Nature

  11. Anon: Or sus vous dormés trop
  12. Anon: Aquila altera
  13. Jacopo da Bologna: Fenice fu
  14. Giovanni da Firenze: Nel meço a sey paon
  15. V. Viper, Scoprion & Basilisk

  16. Machaut: Une vipere
  17. Donato da Firenze: L'aspido sordo
  18. VI. On Bats and Mice

  19. Trebor: En seumeillant
  20. Anon: Deh tristo mi topinello

Performers: Agnieszka Budzinska-Bennett (voice, harp), Jane Achtman (vielle), Marc Lewon (lute, vielle, voice)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: April 2019 (Switzerland); release date: 2020

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Todd M. McComb