The Book of Madrigals

The Book of Madrigals
Secular Vocal Music of the European Renaissance
Ensemble Amarcord
Raum Klang 10106

Under Construction

Includes music by Morley, Willaert, Isaac (Innsbruck), Passereau, Hassler, John Bennet, Lassus, Dowland, Rore, Senfl, Weelkes, Henry VIII, Alonso de Alba, Banchieri, Antonio Scandello, Juan del Encina, Josquin (El grillo, Mille regretz), Arcadelt, Gastoldi, Gombert (Triste depart), Arbeau, Vasquez, Baldisserra Donato, and Anonymous.

Playing time: 64' 52"

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 31/5-297 (May/June 2008)

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Todd M. McComb