Fragments for the End of Time

Endzeitfragmente – Fragments for the End of Time
Raum Klang 2803


    Anon., 9th c.
  1. Frankish Sequence: Fortis atque amara

  2. Anon., Muspilli-Fragment (probably Fulda, early 9th c.)
  3. ...sin tac piqueme, daz er touuan scal

  4. Anon., after Freisinger Petruslied, Bavaria, late 9th c.
  5. Unsar trohtin hat farsalt (instr.)

  6. Gospel Book of Otfrid von Weißenburg (Alsace, d. 875)
  7. de die Iudicii: Thes habet er ubar woroltring

  8. Anon., 9th c., from Frankish Sequence melodies
  9. Adducentur (instr.)

  10. Anon., 9th c., from Old Saxon "Heliand" (possibly Fulda, early 9th c.)
  11. Geng imo tho the godes sunu

  12. Anon., 9th c., from Frankish Sequence melodies
  13. Occidentana (instr.)

  14. Anon., Prophecy of the Erythrean Sibyl, Aquitaine, 11th c.
  15. Iudicii signum

  16. Anon., 9th c., from Frankish Sequence melodies
  17. Frankish Sequence/melody: Scalam ad caelos (instr.)

  18. Alcuin (probably), Aachen, 9th c.
  19. Sequence: Summi regis archangele Michahel

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[10] Einsiedeln, Stiffsbibliothek., Codex 121 (trancription: N. Rodenkirchen)

Benjamin Bagby (voice, harps, symphonia), Norbert Rodenkirchen (flutes, harp)

Playing time: 77' 32"

Recording site and date:
Klosterkirche Walberberg, Bornheim bei Bonn, Germany [05/2007];
Rel.: 2008

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 566-102 (February 2009)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 32/6-298 (Jul./Aug. 2009)

Information from CD. Program consists of music on apocalyptic texts.

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