Estampies Royales, Manuscrit du Roi

Ensemble Nu:n
Raum Klang 3307


  1. La Prime Estampie Royal
  2. La Seconde Estampie Royal
  3. La Tierche Estampie Royal
  4. La Quarte Estampie Royal
  5. La Quinte Estampie Real
  6. La Sexte Estampie Real
  7. La Septime Estampie Real
  8. La Uitime Estampie Real

Performers: Falk Zenker (guitar), Nora Thiele (percussion), Gert Anklam (saxophone)

Playing time: 54'

Recording date: March 2013 (Berlin); released: 2014

This recording is subtitled: A new interpretation of the oldest preserved instrumental music of the Occident. Obviously it uses non-medieval instruments. Even leaving aside the instruments, the result does not sound like medieval music: It is arranged with a variety of contemporary pop-folk harmonies.

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Todd M. McComb