Ockeghem: Missa Prolationum

Ockeghem: Missa Prolationum
L'ultima parola
Raum Klang 3902 [CD]


    Missa Prolationum
  1. Kyrie I
  2. Christe
  3. Kyrie II
  4. Gloria
  5. Credo
  6. Sanctus
  7. Agnus Dei I
  8. Agnus Dei II
  9. Agnus Dei III
  10. Mort tu as navré

Performers: Axelle Bernage (cantus), Bernd Oliver Fröhlich (tenor altus), Olivier Coiffet (tenor), Guillaume Olry (bassus)

Playing time: 49'

Recording date: May 2019 (Berlin); released: 2020

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Todd M. McComb