Triplicité: 1350-1450

Triplicité: 1350-1450
Zorgina Vocalensemble
Raum Klang 9905
Raum Klang 2006


  1. Anon., 15th c.: Dove, dove, or dove è le mio Signore
  2. Bedyngham: Gentil madonna
  3. Anon., late 15th c.: Absence of you causeth me to sigh
  4. Anon., late 14th c.: Adieu vous di
  5. Antonello da Caserta: Notés pour moi
  6. Machaut: Puis qu'en oubli
  7. Landini: A le' s'andrà lo spirto
  8. Wolkenstein: Sag an herczleib / Los frow
  9. Wolkenstein: Wol auff gesell, wer iagen well
  10. Bedyngham: O rosa bella
  11. Anon., 15th c.: Madre che festi colui che te fece
  12. Robert Cooper (d.1516): Farewell my joy
  13. Dufay: Je me complains piteusement
  14. Anon., 15th c.: A Florence / Helas la fille Guillemin
  15. Anon., late 14th c.: Je voi tres bien / Mon cure n'averoye
  16. Machaut: Une vipere en cuer
  17. Landini: Muort' oramai

Performers: Rebecca Bain, Ruth Eiselsberg, Ellen Santaniello

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: August 1999

This is an all-vocal program, chosen to illustrate the transition from medieval to Renaissance styles, all for 3 voices.

The first recording by the present ensemble:

Zorgina Vocalensemble
Ohmnibus Records 2000-15

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Todd M. McComb