John Blow – Odes

John Blow
Ode on the death of Henry Purcell
The Deller Consort & Stour Musical Festival Chamber Orchestra – Alfred Deller, dir.
RCA « Victrola » VIC 1276 [LP, mono, USA]
RCA « Victrola » VICS 1276 [LP, stereo, USA]
Oryx 728 [LP, mono, UK]
Oryx 728 [LP, stereo, UK]


    John Blow (m) / John Dryden (t)
  1. Ode on the death of Mr. Henry Purcell
    1. Mark how the lark
    2. But in the close of night
    3. So ceas'd the rival crew
    4. We beg not hell
    5. The heav'nly choir
  2. ----
    John Blow: Amphion Anglicus (excerpts)
  3. Bring shepherds (Marriage Ode)
    1. Bring shepherds
    2. The rites are perform'd
    3. Bring shepherds
  4. Cloe found Amyntas lying
  5. Sing, ye Muses
    1. Sing, ye Muses
    2. Music may satisfy
    3. Io Triumphe !

[1] Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Mark Deller (counter-tenor), Kathleen Jeans (recorder), Michael Arno (recorder), Walter Bergmann (harpsichord)
[2] Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone)
Stour Music Festival Chamber Orchestra
Alfred Deller, cond.
[3] Alfred Deller (countertenor), Philip Todd (tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone), Walter Bergmann (harpsichord)
[4] Mary Thomas (soprano), Sally Lesage (soprano), Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone)
Stour Music Festival Chamber Orchestra
Alfred Deller, cond.

Playing time: 22' 39" + (10' 11" + 5' 09" + 5' 06") = 42' 56"

Recording site and date:
Church of Broughton Aluph, Kent, U.K. [september 1966]
rel.: 1967 (Oryx, Victrola)

Similar release not to be confused:
Harmonia mundi « Deller Recordings » DR 201 [LP] Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 118-15 (july 67)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 45/536- (february 1968)

According to Philip Giami-Levi in « Guide de la Musique Ancienne et Baroque », pp 287-288 (Bouquin, Robert Laffont, ed.), there is two different recordings with mostly identical performers. In this version last part of the Ode to Marriage is considered a separate work from the Ode proper which is not the case for the Harmonia mundi release. Also information from Library of Congress, Amicus, Harmonia mundi CD, Schwann and Diapason catalogue, British Library Sound Archive Catalogue & Nancy Freudenthal (RCA release).

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