Music for Kaiser, King, Bettelmann

Music for Kaiser, King, Bettelmann
Songs and Dances from Renaissance England
The London Early Music Group - James Tyler, dir.
RCA RL 25140 [LP]


    Richard Alison
  1. Go from my Windoe

  2. Anthony Holborne
  3. The Widowes Myte

  4. William Byrd
  5. Fantasia a 3

  6. Thomas Lupo
  7. Dance: Shews And Nightly Revels

  8. Anon.
  9. The solemne Pavin

  10. Daniell Bachiler
  11. The Widowes Mite

  12. Robert Johnson
  13. The Satyres Masque

  14. Richard Alison
  15. Lady Frances Sidneys Almayne

  16. William Byrd
  17. Fantasia a 4

  18. ----------
    Alfonso Ferrabosco
  19. Pavan (lute solo)

  20. Anon.
  21. Those Eyes

  22. John Danyel
  23. Tyme Cruell Tyme

  24. Tobias Hume
  25. Touch me Lightly & Tickle Me Quickly

  26. Robert Jones
  27. To Sigh and To Bee Sad

  28. Thomas Morley
  29. Alman

  30. Francis Cutting
  31. Galliard

  32. Robert Jones
  33. Whither Runneth my Sweet Hart

Playing time: 45'22"

Performer: The London Early Music Group - James Tyler, dir.
[Paul Elliott (tenor), Geoffrey Shaw (baritone), Oliver Brookes (bass viol), James Tyler (lute, tenor viol), David Watkins (harp), Alan Lumsden (tenor and bass recorder, alto and tenor sackbut), Polly Waterfield (violin), Monica Huggett (violin), Nigel North (cittern, pandora), Theresa Caudle (cornett), Andrew van der Beek (bass recorder, cornett, bass shawm), Paul Nieman (tenor sackbut), Philip Astle (tenor sackbut)]

Recording site and date: Henry Wood Hall, London, May 1977

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