Music for All Seasons

Music for All Seasons
The London Early Music Group - James Tyler, dir.
RCA 25159 [2 LP]


    Record I: Secular Music at the Court of Henry VII and Henry VIII

  1. Tyme to pas with goodly sport (Vocal version)

  2. Anon.
  3. The Kynges Pavion

  4. Philip Van Wilder
  5. Je fille quant Dieu me donne de quoy

  6. Vicenzo Capirola
  7. De tous bien plane

  8. Anon.
  9. Madame d'amours

  10. Richard Pygott
  11. Quid petis, o fily?

  12. Anon.
  13. Tyme to pas with goodly sport (instrumental version)

  14. ----------
  15. Le petit rouen

  16. Robert Faryfax
  17. Benedicte! Whate dremyd I?

  18. William Cornysh
  19. Ay, bescherewe yow!

  20. William Cornysh
  21. Woffully araid

  22. Anon.
  23. Jay pryse amours

  24. William Cornysh
  25. Fa la sol

    Record II: Sacred Music form the Early Tudor Era

    Robert Fayrfax
  1. Magnificat "O bone Jesu"

  2. William Cornysh
  3. Votive Antiphon: Ave Maria Mater Dei

  4. John Taverner
  5. Respond: In pace in idipsum

  6. ----------
    John Tavener
  7. Respond: Dum transisset sabbatum

  8. John Tavener
  9. Quemadmodum

  10. John Tavener
  11. Magnificat in the Sixth Tone

Playing time: 82'12"

Performer: The London Early Music Group - James Tyler, dir.
[Timothy Penrose (counter tenor), Paul Elliott (tenor), William Mason (bass), David James (counter tenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), Geoffrey Shaw (baritone), Brian Etheridge (baritone), Leigh Nixon (tenor), John Potter (tenor), Martin Elliott (baritone), Alan Lumsden (tenor sackbut, tenor recorder, tenor crumhorn), Oliver Brookes (bass viol), David Watkins (harp), James Tyler (lute, tenor viol, tabor, timbrel), Roderick Skeaping (alto rebec, treble viol), Joseph Skeaping (tenor viol), Susan Addison (alto and tenor sackbut), Bernard Thomas (soprano rauschpfeife, soprano crumhorn), Andrew van der Beek (bass curtal)]

Recording site and date: All Saints Church, Petersham, Richmond, Surrey [1978 or prior]

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