Purcell – Songs and Sacred Arias

Purcell – Songs and Sacred Arias
The Deller Consort
Regis RRC1366 [CD]


    Henry Purcell (m) / John Dryden and Nathaniel Lee (t)
    Oedipus, King of Thebes (Z. 583, ?1692)

  1. Song (from Act III): Music for a while (Z. 583/2)

  2. Henry Purcell
  3. Secular song: I love and I must (Z. 382, 1693)

  4. Henry Purcell (m) / Thomas D'Urfey (t)
    The Comical History of Don Quixote (Z. 578, 1694-1695)

  5. Part I: Let the Dreadful Engines (Z. 578/3)

  6. Henry Purcell (m) / ?Thomas Betterton (t) after a Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
    The Fairy Queen (Z. 629, 1693 version)

  7. Aria (Juno): Thrice Happy Lovers (Epithalamium) (Z. 629/39bc)

  8. Henry Purcell (m) / Henry Heveningham (t)
  9. Secular song: If music be the food of love (Z. 379A, first setting, 1691/92)

  10. Henry Purcell (m) / Nahum Tate (t)
  11. Sacred song (1v): Tell me, some pitying angel (The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation) (Z. 196, p1693)

  12. Henry Purcell
  13. Secular song (1v): Not all my torments can your pity move (Z. 400, late 1693)

  14. Henry Purcell (m) / Francis Quarles (t)
  15. Sacred song (2vv): Close thine eyes and sleep secure (Upon a Quiet Conscience) (Z. 184, p1688)

  16. Henry Purcell (m) / John Dryden (t)
    King Arthur or the British Worthy (Z 628, 1691)

  17. Aria (Venus): Fairest Isle (Z. 628/38)

  18. Henry Purcell (m) / Richard Norton (t)
    Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country (Z. 585, 1695/96)

  19. Sweeter than roses (Z. 585/1)

  20. Henry Purcell
  21. Secular song (1v): The fatal hour comes on apace (Z. 421, ?1694-1695)

  22. Henry Purcell (m) / Nahum Tate (t)
    Celebrate this festival (Birthday Ode for Queen Mary II) (Z. 321, 1693)

  23. Crown the Altar (Z. 321, exc.)

  24. Henry Purcell (m) / Johnt Dryden & Robert Howard (t)
    The Indian Queen (Z. 630, 1695)

  25. Aria (Aerial spirits): I attempt from Love's sickness to fly (soprano solo) (Z. 630/17a)

  26. Henry Purcell (m) / G. Powell, after Fletcher, (t)
    Bonduca, or The British Heroine (Z. 574, 1695)

  27. Prelude and Song: O lead me to some peaceful gloom (Z. 574/17)

  28. Henry Purcell (m) / Thomas Betterton (t) (after J Fletcher, P Massinger)
    The Prophetess or the History of Dioclesian (Z. 627, 1690)

  29. Prelude and Aria: What shall I do to show how much I love her (Z. 627/18)

  30. Henry Purcell:
    The Comical History of Don Quixote (Z. 578, 1694-1695)

  31. Part III: From rosy bow'rs (Z. 578/9)

  32. Henry Purcell: Ten Sonata in Four Parts (Z. 802-811, c1678-1683)
  33. Sonata No. 9 in F (Golden Sonata) (Z. 810, ?1681-1682)
    1. Allegro
    2. Adagio
    3. Canzona Allegro
    4. Grave
    5. Allegro

  34. Henry Purcell
  35. Pavan in G Minor for 3 violins and viola da gamba (Z. 752, after 1678)

Playing time: 74" 58'

[1], [4]-[5], [7], [9]-[16] Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Walter Bergman (harpsichord)
[2], [6] April Cantelo (soprano), George Malcolm (harpsichord)
[3] Maurice Bevan (baritone), George Malcolm (harpsichord)
[8] April Cantelo (soprano), Maurice Bevan (baritone), George Malcolm (harpsichord)
[17]-[18] Neville Marriner (violin), Peter Gibbs (violin), Granville Jones (violin), Desmond Dupré (viola da gamba)

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Rel.: 2011

Compilation (original release):
Vanguard « The Bach Guild » BG 570/571 [LPx2] Homage to Purcell

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