Josquin - Missa Vol. 8

Missa Ad fugam
Josquin - Missa Vol. 8
Vocal ensemble Cappella - Tetsuro Hanai
Regulus Classics 1047 [CD]


    Missa Ad fugam
  1. Kyrie
  2. Gloria
  3. Credo
  4. Sanctus
  5. Agnus Dei

  6. Missa Sine nomine
  7. Kyrie
  8. Gloria
  9. Credo
  10. Sanctus
  11. Agnus Dei

Performers: Naomi Hanai, Naomi Yasumura (sopranos); Hiroya Aoki, Hiroo Mochizuki (countertenors); Yutaka Oikawa, Ichiro Negishi (tenors); Genki Sakurai, Tetsuro Hanai (basses)

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: November 2013 (Hokkaido); released: 2021

The Missa Ad fugam apparently uses the shorter, revised versions of the final two movements. (I cannot read the Japanese liner notes for this series, so don't really know what they have to say about this in print.)

This program (by catalog number) was originally announced as another recording of the L'homme armé masses (as released in Vol. 7), but that was a misprint.

Information originally from Alex Sparreboom.

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Todd M. McComb