Rogier: Missa tribus choribus Domine Dominus noster

Un office de mariage à la Cour d'Espagne
Rogier: Missa tribus choribus Domine Dominus noster
Choeur de Chambre de Namur / La Fenice / Ricercar Consort / Doulce Mémoire - Jean Tubéry
Ricercar 206152

Reissued in Ricercar 271 [CDx2].


  1. Ingressus: Cantate Dominum canticum novum à 5 (instrumental)
  2. Introït: Per gloriam nominis tui (chant)
  3. Da pacem Domine à 6
  4. Kyrie "Domine Dominus noster"
  5. Gloria "Domine Dominus noster"
  6. Oratio: Adiuvate me frates in orationibus vesris (chant)
  7. Epistola: Lectio espistolae beati Paoli apostoli (chant)
  8. Graduale: Regina caeli laetare à 8
  9. Alleluia: Cantantibus organis à 6 (instrumental)
  10. Evangelium: Lectio Evangelii secundum Matthaeum (chant)
  11. Francisco de Peraza (1564-1598): Tiento de medio registro alto del 1o tono (organ)
  12. Credo "Domine Dominus noster"
  13. Offertorium: Credo quod redemptor meus vivit (instrumental)
  14. Justus es Domine à 5
  15. Prefatio: Per omnia secula (chant)
  16. Sanctus "Domine Dominus noster"
  17. Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia (1565-1627): Tiento de falsas (organ)
  18. Elevatio: Pater noster (chant)
  19. Agnus Dei "Domine Dominus noster"
  20. Communio: Verbum caro factum est à 12 (instrumental)
  21. Ite Missa est (chant)
  22. Laudate Dominum à 8

Performers: Françoise Bronchain (soprano), Marie Kuijken (soprano), Christine Lejeune (soprano), Fabienne Petrisse (soprano), Edith Saind-Mard (soprano), Myriam Sosson (soprano), Mikkiko Suzuki (soprano), Inès Villa (soprano), Anne Collard (alto), Bernard Coulon (alto), Bernard Delhez (alto), Véronique Gosset (alto), Carl Sansone (alto), Ninka Stulemeijer (soprano), Vincent Antoine (tenor), Nicolas Bauchau (tenor), Jacques Dekoninck (tenor), Eric François (tenor), Thibaut Lenaerts (tenor), Thierry Lequenne (tenor), Etienne Debaisieux (bass), Philippe Favette (bass), Benoît Giaux (bass), Jean-Marie Marchal (bass), Jean Tubéry (cornet), Gebhard David (cornet), Frithjof Smith (cornet) Jean-Jacques Herbin (sackbut), Serge Guillou (sackbut), Frank Poitrineau (sackbut), Christina Pluhar (harp, theorbo), Jean-Marc Aymes (organ), Philippe Pierlot (viol), François Fernandez (viol), Sophie Watillon (viol), Vincent Dumestre (theorbo), Xavier Deprez (organ), Jean-Paul Boury (cornet), Denis Raisin-Dadre (dulcian), Elsa Franck (dulcian), Jérémie Papasergio (dulcian)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: September 1996

Philippe Rogier (c.1561-1596) was one of the series of Franco-Flemish composers to work in Spain under the Emperors. He became a choirboy there in 1572, and served as chapel maestro under Philip II beginning in 1586. His output was quite extensive, in all genres, both sacred & secular, although many of the works have been destroyed by fire in later centuries. Rogier's influence in Spain extended into the 18th century, when his works were still admired.

The present mass was one of Rogier's last, writen in twelve parts divided into three choirs. The performance is constructed along the lines of a "service" setting, including both motets by Rogier and plainchant. The title refers to a wedding between a daughter of Philip II of Spain and the Duke of Savoy celebrated in 1585, although the Missa Ave Mater gloriosa of that ceremony has been lost.

Rogier's music has a nice combination of traditional Franco-Flemish polyphony with lightly decorated melodic passages. The cadential momentum also has a pre-Baroque feel, an aspect accentuated in the present rendition, as is the dance-like quality of some sections.

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