Johannes Ockeghem - Chansons

Johannes Ockeghem - Chansons
Romanesque - Philippe Malfeyt, dir.
Ricercar 206 302


    Johannes Ockeghem:
  1. Ma bouche rit (soprano, lute, harp, 2 viols)
  2. Petite camusette (2 voices, harp, recorder, tympanon, citole, 2 viols)
  3. J'en ay deuil (2 voices, 3 viols, recorder, lute, harp)

  4. Johannes Ockeghem (?, also attr. to Johannes Martini) / Spinacino (transcr.):
  5. Malheur me bat (lute)

  6. Johannes Ockeghem:
  7. Ma maitresse (soprano, viol, lute, recorder)
  8. Prenez sur moi (recorder, viol, lute)
  9. Aultre Venus (soprano, lute, citole)
  10. L'autre d'antan (2 voices, recorder, hurdy-gurdy, viol, tympanon, harp, citole)
  11. Baisez moy (2 voices, 3 viols, lute)
  12. D'un autre amer (soprano, harp, citole)
  13. Prenez sur moi (recorder, viol, lute)
  14. Fors seulement (soprano, recorder, 2 viols)

  15. Johannes Ockeghem (?, also attr. to Johannes Martini) / Henestrosa (transcr.):
  16. Malheur me bat (harp)

  17. Johannes Ockeghem:
  18. Ques mi vida? (soprano, 3 viols, percussion)

Playing time: 57' 07"

Romanesque [Katelijne van Laethem (soprano), Eitan Sorek (tenor), Hannelore Devaere (harp), Sophie Watillon (viol), Bart Coen (recorders, percussion), Frank Liegeois (viol, lute, citole), Philippe Malfeyt (lute, tympanon, citole), Piet Stryckers (viol, hurdy-gurdy)] - Philippe Malfeyt, dir.

Recording site and date:
Gent [01/1997]

Re-issue none

Compilation: None

Excerpts: none

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 441-111
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

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