Les Maîtres de l'Organetto Florentin au XIVe siècle

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Les Maîtres de l'Organetto Florentin au XIVe siècle
Christophe Deslignes / Thierry Gomar
Ricercar 206 662
Ricercar 214


  1. Estampida de maia
  2. Lorenzo Masini: Non vedi tu, Amor
  3. Gherardello: I'vo bene
  4. Che ti çova nascondere
  5. Lucente Stella
  6. Istampita Isabella
  7. Kyrie cunctipotens
  8. Landini: Giovine vagha
  9. Landini: Donna, perchè mi spregi
  10. Landini: Amor cal tuo ognor
  11. Istampita In pro
  12. Intermezzo après Landini
  13. Estampida de Rocamadour

Performers: Christophe Deslignes (organetto), Thierry Gomar (percussion)

Playing time: 55'

Recording date: February 1998 (Beaufays)

This is a rather unique recital featuring Italian Ars Nova music played on organetto (or portative organ). This instrument flourished at this time, especially as played by Landini. The liner notes are especially interesting in terms of detailing the role & development of the instrument. The performance features improvisatory elements and phrasing in the general style of Mala Punica, sometimes with a rather complex drum accompaniment.

The present recording comes in a compact deluxe packaging, and is evidently the beginning of a new series of recordings devoted to specific instruments on Ricercar.

A more recent release, solo organetto:

Lucente Stella
Christophe Deslignes
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