Arnold de Lantins: Missa Verbum Incarnatum

Arnold de Lantins: Missa Verbum Incarnatum
Capilla Flamenca / Psallentes / Clari Cantuli
Ricercar 207


  1. Brassart: Ave Maria / O Maria
  2. Chant: Introitus - Gaudeamus
  3. Lantins: Kyrie "Verbum Incarnatum"
  4. Lantins: Gloria "Verbum Incarnatum"
  5. Chant: Epistola - Dominus possedit me
  6. Chant: Graduale - Benedicta et venerabilis
  7. Brassart: Regina coeli
  8. Chant: Sequens - Letabuntur
  9. Chant: Evangelium - Liber generationes
  10. Lantins: Credo "Verbum Incarnatum"
  11. Chant: Offertorium - Felix namque
  12. Lantins: O pulcherrina mulierum
  13. Chant: Prefacio - Et in conceptione
  14. Lantins: Sanctus "Verbum Incarnatum"
  15. Lantins: Agnus Dei "Verbum Incarnatum"
  16. Chant: Communio - Regina mundi
  17. Chant: Ite missa est - Deo gratias
  18. Cesaris: A virtuitis ignitio / Ergo beata nascio

Performers: Marnix De Cat (countertenor), Stratton Bull (countertenor), Gunther Vandeven (countertenor), Jan Caals (tenor), Stephan Van Dyck (tenor), Christopher Kale (tenor), Simen Van Mechelen (slide trumpet), Wim Becu (slide trumpet), Dirk Snellings (direction of Capilla Flamenca); Filip Souvagie (chant), Paul Schils (chant), Hendrik Vanden Abeele (chant, direction of Psallentes); Anne Boon (voice), Annabel De Vis (voice), Astrid De Vis (voice), Adriaan Moeys (voice), Hendrik Moeys (voice), Eli Nomes (voice), Elke Schouwaerts (voice), Liesbet Schouwaerts (voice), Liisa Stiers (voice), Willem Van Dooren (voice), Filip Van Herpe (voice), Reinoud Van Mechelen (voice), Ria Vanwing (direction of Clari Cantuli)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: May 2001 (Bolland)

Arnold de Lantins (d.1432) is one of the group of prominent composers of the early 1400s to be associated with Liège. He may have been a student of Ciconia, and is generally believed to have been the brother of Hugo de Lantins (fl.1420-30), although there is no clear documentation on either point.

Each movement of the mass is based upon Lantins' motet O pulcherrina mulierum, making it one of the earliest cyclic masses.

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