Ferrabosco: Consort Music & Consort Songs

Ferrabosco: Consort Music & Consort Songs
Susan Hamilton / Ricercar Consort - Philippe Pierlot
Ricercar 233372


  1. Four-Note Pavan "Hear me O God" (voice, 4 viols)
  2. In Nomine à 5
  3. Fantasia In Nomine à 6
  4. Anon: Sweet was the Song the virgin sung
  5. Allmand (2 lyra viols)
  6. Anon: This merry pleasant Spring
  7. Dovehouse Pavan à 5
  8. Richard Nicholson: Cuckoo
  9. Anon: When Daphne from fair Phoebus did fly
  10. Fantasia à 4
  11. Alas, Alack, my heart is woe
  12. Fantasia à 6
  13. Why Stays the Bridegroom (voice, bass viol)
  14. Pavan (lyra viol)
  15. Why Stays the Bridegroom (voice, bass viol; ornamented version)
  16. Fantasia on the Hexachord (5 viols)
  17. Anon: Farewell the bliss

Performers: Susan Hamilton (soprano), Philippe Pierlot (treble & bass viol, lyra viol), Sophie Watillon (treble & bass viol), Kaori Uemura (lyra viol), Domen Marincic (alto & bass viol), Mieneke van der Velden (bass viol), Richard Myron (great bass viol), Rainer Zipperling (bass viol)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: September 1999 (Eglise de Bra)

The present program is devoted primarily to Alfonso Ferrabosco II (c.1575-1628). The opening track is his only consort song (tracks #13/15 are an adapted lute song; track #11 is not specified as anonymous, but apparently is). Ferrabosco was the first to publish for lyra viol.

A recording devoted to lyra viol, featuring Ferrabosco:

Musicke & Myth: Music for two lyra viols
Hume / Ford / Ferrabosco
Jane Achtman / Irene Klein / Silvia Tecardi
Raum Klang 9906

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