Think Subtilior

Think Subtilior
Cercle des Fumeux: Songs and sounds
Ricercar 386


  1. "Haze"
  2. Anon: Onques ne fu si dure partie
  3. "Ephemeral"
  4. After Solage: Fumeux fume par fumee
  5. Hasprois: Puisque je suis fumeux
  6. "Emanation"
  7. Solage: Le basile de sa propre nature
  8. After Matteo da Perugia: Pres du soloil
  9. "Exhalation"
  10. Solage: Fumeux fume par fumee
  11. Cordier: Tout par compas suy composes
  12. "Perfume"
  13. Ciconia: Le ray au soleyl qui dret som kar meyne

Performers: Julla von Landsberg (voice, organetto), Elodie Wiemer (recorder), Szilárd Chereji (vielle), Orí Harmelin (lute)

Playing time: 51'

Recording date: August 2014 (Kunigundenkirche); released: 2017

The Ars Subtilior pieces here are given "sound frames" (in quotes above) by the ensemble.

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Todd M. McComb