Lymburgia: Gaude felix Padua

Johannes de Lymburgia
Gaude felix Padua
Le Miroir de Musique - Baptiste Romain
Ricercar 402


  1. Tota pulchra es
  2. Gaude felix Padua
  3. Recordare, Virgo mater
  4. Descendi in ortum meum (instrumental)
  5. Magne dies leticie
  6. Recordare frater pie
  7. Virginis proles
  8. Gaude felix Padua (instrumental)
  9. Kyrie "Qui de stirpe regia"
  10. Kyrie eleison
  11. Sanctus "Admirabilis splendor"
  12. Agnus Dei
  13. Christe redemptor omnium (instrumental)
  14. Magnificat
  15. Salve Virgo regia

Performers: Jessica Jans (soprano), Sabine Lutzenberger (mezzo-soprano), Jacob Lawrence (tenor), Cyprien Sadek (baritone), Marc Lewon (lute, gittern), Claire Piganiol (harp, organetto), Elizabeth Rumsey (vielle), Baptiste Romain (vielle, rebec, baritone)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: October 2018 (Abbaye de Saint-Guilhem-le-Déser); released: 2019

Overlapping with e.g. Ciconia & Dufay, and also working in Italy, Johannes de Lymburgia (c.1380-c.1440) left only sacred music, although in a variety of forms & styles. (Bologna Q15 is the source for this program.)

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