Chanson e Madrigali dei secoli XVI e XX

Musiche per Van Dyck: Chanson e Madrigali dei secoli XVI e XX
Ring Around Quartet
Rivo Alto 9703 [CD]
Newton Classics 880 2171 [CD]


  1. Clément Janequin: Le chant de l'alouette
  2. Ennio Morricone: Flash I
  3. Ennio Morricone: Flash II
  4. Josquin des Prez: Adieu mes amours
  5. Orlando di Lasso: Gallans qui par terre
  6. Matteo D'Amico: Acrobata
  7. Pierre de la Rue: Ave Regina caelorum
  8. Raymond Schroyens: Le cose ultime
  9. Orlando di Lasso: Occhi piangete
  10. Riccardo Dapelo: Una modesta imperfezione
  11. Adrian Willaert: Madonn'io non lo so
  12. Raoul de Smet: Madrigal V
  13. Guillaume Dufay: Ma belle dame souveraine
  14. Federico Ermirio: Così mi ruoto e salto
  15. Clément Janequin: Le chant des oyseaux
  16. Andrea Basevi Gambarana: Sing sang

Performers: Vera Marenco (soprano), Teresa Gay (contralto), Umberto Bartolini (tenore), Alberto Longhi (basso)

Playing time: 44'04

Recording date: March 1997

Once again vocal performers prove that the combination of modern and "early" music is a felicitous one. This Italian recording presents secular music (except for the La Rue motet) on French and Italian texts, by Flemish and Italian composers old and new. The performances of the Renaissance songs are very good, but the modern pieces are rendered even more delightfully, with a rare warmth of sound to accompany precision and balance. The modern compositions are mostly settings of texts by Edoardo Sanguineti in a variety of contemporary styles, often similar in sound to music by modern northerners such as Ton de Leeuw or Daan Manneke. A thoroughly worthwhile recording.

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Ted Dumitrescu