Old Netherlands Masters

Old Netherlands Masters
F. Peeters
Nixa PLP 239 [LP, mono, UK]
Renaissance X 39 [LP, mono]
Contrepoint MC 20069 [LP, mono, France]
Pristine Audio PACO 008 [CD]


    Guillaume Dufay
  1. Alma redemptoris mater

  2. Johannes Ockeghem
  3. Prenez sur moi (Fuga trium vocum)

  4. Jacob Obrecht
  5. Ein frölich wesen

  6. Heinrich Isaac
  7. Herr Gott, lass dich erbarmen

  8. Josquin des Prés
  9. Canzona

  10. Adrian Willaert
  11. Ricercare

  12. Philippe de Monte
  13. Canzona

  14. Jan Pieterzoon Sweelinck
  15. Fantasia in Echo-style

  16. Pieter Cornet
  17. Fantasia in the 8th tone

  18. Van der Kerckhoven
  19. Prelude & Fugue, D major

Playing time: 34' 12"

Flor Peeters (organ)

Recording site and date:
Organ of St. Jan, Gouda [1952 or prior];
Rel.: 1954 (Nixa), 2005 (Pristine)

Period TE 1133 [LPx3] Old Baroque Masters

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