The Troubadours

The Troubadours
The Troubadours
Tartar (Reed Pacific Records Ltd) TRL 001 [LP]


    Side 1
  1. Chançoneta Tedesca (Anon., c.1300)
  2. Chanterai pour mon courage (Guiot de Dijon, 13th cent.)
  3. Salterello (Anon., 13th cent.)
  4. Estampie (Anon, 13th cent.)
  5. Alle psallite (Montpellier MS, 13th cent.)
  6. Robin m'aime (Adam de la Halle, 13th cent.)
  7. Mit ganczem willen (Konrad Paumann, 15th cent.)
    Side 2
  1. Pastime with good company (Henry VIII, 16th cent.)
  2. Two consort pieces (Anon., Henry VIII court)
  3. The Queen's brawl - The village brawl - Spanish pavan - L'arboscello ballo furlano (Praetorius, Phalèse, 16th cent.)
  4. Il était une fillette (Clement Janequin, 16th cent.)
  5. La Magdalena - Tourdion (Pierre Attaingnant, 16th cent.)
  6. Belle que tiens ma vie (Anon., 16th cent.)
    Passamezzo & La mourisque (Tielman Susato, 16th cent.)

Playing time: ??' ??"

The Troubadours
Steve Rosenberg (recorders, rackett, Iranian flute, gemshorn, rauschpfeife)
Karl Herreschoff (lute)
Graham Dellow (percussion, voice, recorders, crumhorns)
Don Moorehead (tenor viol, crumhorns)
Briar Goessi (treble rebec, fiddle)
Robert Oliver (voice, bass viol, tenor rebec)
Stuart Lithgow (shawm, crumhorns), Heather MacDonald (soprano), Stuart Manins (bass), Catherine Newhook (rebec)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1976 or prior]

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