The Courtier's Courtship

The Courtier's Courtship
Ensemble Dufay
Tartar (Kiwi/Pacific Records, Ltd.) TRL-015 [LP]


    Music of Tudor England
  1. Can she excuse my wrongs (John Dowland, c.1562-1626)
  2. I live, and yet methinks I do not breathe (John Wibye, 1574-1638)
  3. As fair as morn (Wilbye)
  4. Quid petis o fili (Richard Pygott, b. c.1485)

  5. Music of the Fifteenth Century
  6. N'aurai-je jamais mieux (Robert Morton, c.1400-1475)
  7. Je demand ma bienvenue (Acourt, fl. c.1430)
  8. Tout a coup (Adam, fl. c.1430)
  9. Pour l'amour de ma doulce amye (Guillaume Dufay, c.1400-1474)

  10. -------
    Music of Sixteenth Century France
  11. Mignonne, allos voir si la rose (Guillaume Costeley, 1531-1606)
  12. Pavane lesquercarde; La rocque gaillarde (Pierre Phalèse)
  13. Tant que vivray (Claudin de Sermisy, c.1495-1562)

  14. Music of Spain
  15. De la vida deste mundo (Anon., c.1500)
  16. Recercada (Diego Ortiz, b. c.1510)
  17. A quel cavallero, madre (Anon., c.1500)

  18. Hunting, Dauncing and Enamouring Songs
  19. The fayries daunce (Thomas Ravenscroft, (c.1592-c. 1633)
  20. The courtier's courtship (Ravenscroft)
  21. The wooing song of a yeoman of Kent's sonne (Ravenscroft)
  22. The hunt's up (John Bennet, (c.1575-)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Ensemble Dufay
Greer Garden (soprano, harp), Geoffrey Coker (counter-tenor); Robert Oliver (tenor, viol, rebec, Andrea Oliver (flutes, recorder); William Bower (lute)

Recording site and date:
Erskine College, Wellington, New Zealand [1981 or prior];
Rel. 1981

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