Sixteenth-Century Viol Music

La la hö hö
Sixteenth-Century Viol Music for the Richest Man in the World
Linarol Consort
Resonus Classics "Inventa" 1005 [CD]


  1. Isaac: Las Rauschen
  2. Isaac: Brüder Conrat super Fortuna
  3. La Rue: Ain frölich wesen
  4. Adam Rener: Achs ainigs ain
  5. Josquin: Entre iesuis
  6. La Rue: Carmen
  7. Isaac: Zart liebster frucht
  8. Anon: Plus oultre pretens
  9. Anon: Vil glück und haÿl
  10. Hofhaimer: On frewdt verzer ich
  11. Brumel: Tanndernac (a3)
  12. Alamire: Tanndernac (a4)
  13. Anon: Ways nit
  14. Isaac: La la hö hö
  15. Senfl: Carmen
  16. Senfl: Carmen
  17. Senfl: Alles regres
  18. Josquin: Plus mils regres
  19. La Rue: Tous les regres
  20. La Rue: Iam sauche (two settings)
  21. La Rue: Carmen
  22. Hofhaimer: Fro bin ich dein (das erst, das ander, das dritt)
  23. Isaac: Gueretzsch
  24. Rener: Jetzt hat volbracht
  25. Senfl: Dem ewigen got
  26. Senfl: Albrecht mirs schwer und gros laÿd
  27. Senfl: In lieb und freid hab ich mein bscheid

Performers: David Hatcher, Asako Morikawa, Alison Kinder, Claire Horácek

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: February 2020 (Monmouthshire); released: 2021

The program is taken from the obscure German manuscript MS 18-810, once owned by Jacob Fugger per the subtitle, and apparently compiled around 1533.

There is no discussion of the previous unlisted La Rue works, although it's noted that MS 18-810 contains 30 unica (with the majority attributed to Senfl).

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Inn Stetter Hut
Sixteenth-century Viol Music for the Richest Man in the World - Volume II
Linarol Consort
Resonus Classics "Inventa" 1010

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