Secrets of the Heavens

Secrets of the Heavens
Seven Hymns of Orpheus to the Planetary Gods
Catherine King / Mark Tucker / Marini Consort
Riverrun 53


  1. Lancinus Curtius / Franchinus Gaffurius: Sapphic Ode
  2. Ficino: Invocation to the Moon
  3. Narvaez: Fantasia segundo tono
  4. Ficino: Invocation to Mercury
  5. Isaac: Der Hund
  6. Leonardo Giustiniani: Chui dicese
  7. Ficino: Invocation to Venus
  8. Tromboncino: Virgine bella
  9. Ficino: Invocation to the Sun
  10. Agricola: Iam fulsit sol
  11. Josquin: In te domine
  12. Ficino: Invocation to Mars
  13. Tromboncino: Alla guerra
  14. Ficino: Invocation to Jupiter
  15. Anon: Pavana "La Cornetta"
    Roy Marks: Galiarda "La Cornetta"
  16. Ficino: Invocation to Saturn
  17. Obrecht: Fors seulement
  18. Josquin: Mille regretz
  19. Ficino: Final Reading

Performers: Mark Rylance (recitation), Catherine King (mezzo-soprano), Mark Tucker (tenor), Pavlo Besnosiuk (lira da braccio, vielle), Jacob Heringman (lute, viol), Alison Crum (harp, viol), Roy Marks (viol), Angela Voss (viol)

Playing time: 76'

Production date: 2000

"In the spirit of the Orphic singing of the 15th century Florentine philosopher Marsilio Ficino." The rather lengthy recited invocations in this program are recited largely in English.

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