Medieval Tale of Tristan and Isolde

Medieval Tale of Tristan and Isolde in poetry and music
Riverrun 58


  1. Introduction
  2. Quarte Estampie
  3. Amorso
  4. Penser ne doit vilenie
  5. Montarde / Dit le Burguygnon
  6. Salterello 3 / Petit Vriens
  7. Tristan is banished
  8. De moi deloreus
  9. De moi deloreus - danse
  10. Tristan returns to Cornwall
  11. Ghaetta
  12. Rendezvous plans
  13. Quant je suis
  14. Tristan writes a note to Isolde
  15. De bont de valour
  16. Isolde stops to meet Tristan
  17. La Rotta
  18. Isolde counsels Tristan
  19. Tristan accepts their fate
  20. Lament di Tristano
  21. Conclusion

Performers: Al Cofrin (oud, lute, saz, bagpipes, riqq, vielle, tabor), Thea Goldsby (voice, vielle), Jonathan Brumley (recorders), Michael Tucker (tabla), Danny Johnson (voice, psaltery), Therese Honey (medieval harp), Tom Zajac (bagpipes, tabor), Alys Dyke (voice)

Playing time: 74'

Release date: 2002

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