Medieval Monophonies

"Dized', ay! Trobadores": Monofonías medievales
Judith Cohen
Saga KPD-10.914. 1994
Saga ???? [Cassette]


    Anonymous Notre Dame School, Florence MS, Latin
  1. Ecce tempus gaudii

  2. Cantiga 260, Alfonso X, thirteenth century, Galician-Portuguese
  3. Dized', ay! Trobadores

  4. Beatriz de Dia, thirteenth century, Provençal
  5. A chantar m'er

  6. Cantiga 159, Alfonso X, thirteenth century, Galician-Portuguese
  7. Non sofre Santa Maria

  8. Cantiga de amigo 5, Martin Codax, twelfth century, Galician-Portuguese
  9. Quantas sabedes amar

  10. Dance Song, ca 1500, French
  11. Dela la rivière

  12. Québecois oral tradition
  13. Marie-Talon

  14. Chanson de toile, thirteenth century, Northern French
  15. Bele Doette

  16. French dance, thirteenth century
  17. La sexte estampie real

  18. Jehan Erars, thirteenth century, Norther French
  19. Au tems pascors

  20. Marcabru, twelfth century, Provençal
  21. L'autrier jost'una sebissa

  22. Galician oral tradition
  23. Rufina

  24. Cantiga de amigo 3, Martin Codax, Galician-Portuguese
  25. Mia yrmana fremosa

  26. Cantiga 341, Alfonso X, thirteenth century, Galician-Portuguese
  27. Com'a gran pesar

  28. Dance song, ca. 1500, France
  29. Aqui dir'elle sa pensée

  30. Angevin oral tradition, France
  31. La vieille fille

  32. Catalan, thirteenth century, MS St. Joan de les Abedesses
  33. Ara lausetz

Playing time: 40'45

Performers: Judith Cohen, director, Tamar Cohen Adams, Meme Eugenio, Pilar López, Alberto Alonso, Juan Manuel Rivero, Manuel Díez, José Escudero

Recording site and date: Madrid, June, 1993

Comments: A recording in a folk vein by a Toronto-based musician. The album demonstrates the possible common folk traditions between Latin rondelli, religious and secular Spanish Cantigas, Provençal and Northern French songs, and more recent popular traditions.

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