17th & 18th Century Songs & Catches

17th & 18th Century Songs & Catches
The Hilliard Ensemble
Saga Classics 3332


  1. Ravenscroft: By a bank as I lay
  2. Nicolas Laniere: Tho' I am young
  3. Purcell: Lost in my quiet
  4. Ravenscroft: We be three poor mariners
  5. Purcell: Sweeter than Roses
  6. Purcell: I spy Celia
  7. Purcell: Since time so kind to us does prove
  8. Boyce: Orpheus and Euridice
  9. Purcell: Here's that will challange all the Fair
  10. Arne: Which is the properest day to drink
  11. Blow: Chloe found Amyntas
  12. Anon: Here Lies a woman
  13. Boyce: On thy banks, gentle Stour
  14. Eccles: So well Corinna likes the joy
  15. Eccles: My man John - A Riddle
  16. Arne: The Sweet Intrigue
  17. Purcell: When the cock begins to crow

Performers: David James (counter-tenor), Paul Elliott (tenor), Leigh Nixon (tenor), Paul Hiller (baritone); Lena-Liis Kiesel (harpsichord), Anneke Pols (viol)

Playing time: 43'

Information from Shawn T. Mann.

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