Elizabethan Social Music

Elizabethan Social Music
English Consorts, Lute Duets, and Solos
The London Early Music Group - James Tyler, dir.
Saga "Antigua Series" 5479 [LP]


    Richard Allison
  1. Lady Frances Sidneys Goodmorrowe

  2. John Johnson
  3. Chi passa

  4. John Dowland
  5. What if a day

  6. Richard Allison
  7. Mr. Allisons Knell

  8. Anon.
  9. Mall Symes

  10. Anon.
  11. Duncomes galiarde for 2 lutes

  12. Richard Allison
  13. Go from my windoe

  14. ---------
    John Dowland
  15. Sir John Smith his Almaine

  16. Anon.
  17. Packingtoune galiarde

  18. Anon.
  19. Dargesson

  20. Thomas Morley
  21. The Sacred End Pavan

  22. John Johnson
  23. The Quadrone Pavene

  24. Anon.
  25. A Galliard for two lutes after Laveche

  26. Daniell Bachiler
  27. The Lady Walsinghams Conceites

Playing time: 41'46"

Performer: The London Early Music Group - James Tyler, dir.
[James Tyler (lute), Ian White (violin), Oliver Brookes (bass viol), Bernard Thomas (flute), Barry Mason (bandora), Peter Trent (cittern, lute)]

Recording site and date: Bromley Arts Centre; 14-16 August 1979

Comments: Information from owned LP.

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