Circle of Wisdom

Circle of Wisdom - Songs of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
SAP 002


    Hildegard von Bingen:
  1. O virtus Sapientie
  2. O quam mirabilis est
  3. O viriditas digiti Dei
  4. O tu suavissima virga
  5. O lucidissima apostolorum

  6. Robert Mealy & Na'ama Lion:
  7. Instrumental piece

  8. Hildegard von Bingen:
  9. O Bonifaci

  10. Robert Mealy & Na'ama Lion:
  11. Instrumental piece

  12. Hildegard von Bingen:
  13. O beata infantia
  14. O nobillissima viriditas
  15. O ignee spiritus
  16. Vos flores rosarum

Playing time: 61' 12"

Performers: Anima [Susan Hydusik (voice), Annie Reed (voice), Helen Morrison (voice), Susan Comen (voice), Elizabeth Thompson (voice), Marty Levin (voice), Susannah Clifford (voice),Anik Gibeau (voice), Betsy Brigham (voice), Sue Carpenter (voice), Liz Winn (voice), Nancy Snow (voice), Gail Ireland (voice), Kimberly (Katy) Taylor (voice)] & [Robert Mealy (medieval vielle, medieval harp), Na'ama Lion (transverse flute, hurdy-gurdy)] - Elizabeth Thompson, director.

Recording place and date: Vermont Public Radio, Colchester, Vermont, USA [06/1997]

Comments: A very honest performance well worth listening to. The interpretation is in line with monastic singing tradition. This is a self-released album by a Vermont-based ensemble.

This is the second CD by this ensemble, the first one:

SAP 001
Sacred Music of the Middle Ages - Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) & Others
Rec.: 1994

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