Music from the Time of the Spanish Armada

Music from the Time of the Spanish Armada
The York Waites - James Merryweather, dir.
Saydisc CD-SDL 373-2


    Thomas Deloney, pub., 1588
  1. The Queenes Visiting of the Campe at Tilsburie (voice & dums)

  2. Anon., mid 16th C.
  3. The Spanish Pavan (sopranino, soprano, alto capped shawm, tenor shawm & bass curtal)
  4. Gailliard - La Gamba (Instruments same as in # 2)

  5. Anon., c.1558
  6. Crimson Velvet (alto, tenor, bass flutes & lute)

  7. Anon., c. 1560 (Mulliner Book)
  8. La Doune Cella (English bagpipe, soprano capped shawm, alto & bass curtals)
  9. La Shy Myze (Instruments same as in # 5)
  10. La Bounette (Cornett, basset recorder, sackbut, & bass curtals)

  11. Thomas Deloney, 1588, pub..
  12. Ballad: The Obtaining of the Geat Galleazzo (voice & lute)

  13. Henry Stonings
  14. Browninge My Dere (alto, alto, tenor, basset & bass recorders)

  15. Clement Woodcock
  16. Browinge Fantasy (Instruments same as in # 9)

  17. Pierre Attaignant, 1550
  18. Les Bransles Gays (hurdy-gurdy)

  19. John Johnson, c.1540-95
  20. The Delight Pavan (lute)
  21. Galliard to Delight Pavan (lute)

  22. Anon., 16 C.
  23. Staines Morris (cornett, sackbut, alto & tenor recorders, & bass cural)

  24. Anon., c.1565
  25. The Quarter Brawles (2 Flemish bagpipes)

  26. Augustine Bassano, c.1526-1604
  27. Pavana / Galiarda / Coranto (alto, tenor, 2 bassets, & bass recorders)

  28. Anon., c.1590
  29. Watkins Ale (alto, tenor, & bass flutes, tenor shawm, bass curtal, cittern, sackbut, 2 soprano & alto capped shawms)

  30. Anon., 16th C.
  31. Robin Is To the Greenwood Gone (lute)

  32. Wilson?, late 16th C.
  33. Wilson's Fantasie (soprano, alto, tenor & basset recorders)

  34. Anon., c.1596
  35. The Spanish Lady (English bagpipe & hurdy-gurdy)

  36. Anon., c.1580
  37. The Cushion Dance (English bagpipe, soprano capped shawm)

  38. Anon., late 16th C.
  39. Dulcina (soprano, alto, tenor shawms, bass curtal & cornett)

  40. Anon., late 16th C.
  41. All You that Love Good Fellowes (2 soprano, alto, tenor shawms, & bass curtal)

  42. Words, 17th century
  43. Eighty-Eight or Sir ffrancis Drake (voice & drum)

  44. Pierre Attaignant, 1550
  45. Les Bransles De Champagne (2 hurdy-gurdies, cittern, recorder, & bass curtal)

  46. Anon., c1591
  47. The Carman's Whistle (pipe & tabor)

  48. Anon., late 16th C.
  49. Under and Over (soprano, alto & tenor shawms)

  50. Anon., c.1570
  51. Pepper is Black (Fleming bagpipe, & sopranino recorder)

  52. Anon., c.1565
  53. Roowe Well Ye Marynors (sopranino, soprano, alto capped shawms, tenor shawm & drum)

Playing time: 66'46"

Performer: The York Waites - James Merryweather, dir.
[Anthony Barton (cornett, tenor shawm, soprano capped shawm, Flemish bagpipe, pipe and tabor, percussion, tenor & bass recorder cittern, lute), Tim Baley (sackbut, soprano shawm, sopranino & soprano capped shawms, hurdy-gurdy alto flute, alto curtal, tenor & basset recorders), James Merryweather (bass curtal, tenor shawm, English & Flemish bagpipes, alto & tenor recorders), Ian Richardson (bass curtal, soprano & soprano capped shawm, sopranino, soprano, & alto recorders, tenor flute, hurdy-gurdy) Roger Richardson (alto shawm, soprano & alto capped shawms, sopranino, soprano, alto & basset recorders, bass flute), Richard Wistreich (bass voice), Christopher Wilson (lute)]

Recording site and date: Forde Abbey, Chard, Somerset [Feb 1988]

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