Pills to Purge Melancholy

Pills to Purge Melancholy
Lewd Songs and Low Ballads from the 18th century
Thomas d'Urfey
The City Waites - Roderick Skeaping, dir.
Saydisc CD-SDL 382-2


  1. Sometimes I am a Tapster new

  2. James Hart
  3. Honest Shepher'd, since you're poor

  4. Thomas D'Urfey
  5. Blowzabela my bouncing Doxie

  6. Anon.
  7. As Oyster nan stood by her Tub

  8. Anon.
  9. There was a Lass of Islington

  10. Henry Lawes
  11. Poor Celia once was very fair

  12. John Eccles
  13. Oh Fie! what mean I Foolish Maid

  14. Daniel Purcell
  15. What Life can compare with the jolly Town Rakes

  16. William Croft
  17. I hate a Fop that at his Glass

  18. J.C. Pepusch
  19. Would ye have a young Virgin of fifteen years

  20. Henry Playford
  21. Weep all ye Nymphs, our Floods unbind

  22. John Eccles
  23. A Soldier and a Sailor, a Tinker and a Taylor

  24. Anon.
  25. Then Jockey wou'd a Wooing away

  26. Anon.
  27. With my Strings of small Wire lo I come

  28. Thomas D'Urfey
  29. How vlle are the Sordid Intrigues of the Town

  30. Mr. Church
  31. Life a Ring without a Finger

  32. Anon.
  33. Through the cold shady Woods

  34. Samuel Akeroyde
  35. When for Air I take my Mare

  36. Henry Purcell
  37. Young Collin, cleaving of a Beam

  38. Anon.
  39. One Sunday at St. James Prayers

  40. Anon.
  41. There was an old Woman liv'd under a Hill

  42. Scotch Song
  43. Oh! my Panting, panting Heart

  44. Anon.
  45. Now listen a while, and I will tell

  46. Henry Playford
  47. Oh Mother, Roger with his KIsses

  48. Anon.
  49. Do not rumple my Top-knot

  50. Anon.
  51. Come Jug, my Honey, let's to bed

Playing time: 69'22"

Performer: The City Waites - Roderick Skeaping, dir.
[Lucie Skeaping (soprano), Richard Wistreich (bass), Roderick Skeaping (violin, bass viol, voice), Mike Brain (recorders, bassoon, harpsichord, voice) Robin Jeffrey (lute, theorbo, cittern, guitar, voice)]

Recording site and date: Valley Recordings, Chipping Manor; April, 1990

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