Old Christmas Return'd

Old Christmas Return'd
York Waits
Saydisc CD-SDL 398-2


    Anon., English, late 13th C
  1. Gabriel from heven-king

  2. Michael Praetorius, arr., 1609
  3. Es ist ein ros entsprungen

  4. Michael Praetorius, 1609
  5. En natus est Emanuel

  6. Anon., German, late 15 C
  7. In dulci jubilo

  8. Anon., English, late 15th C
  9. The seven joys of Mary

  10. Anon., Piae cantiones, 1582
  11. Joseph, lieber Joseph mein

  12. Traditional, French
  13. Nous voici dans la ville - Il est ne - Les Anges dans nos campagnes - Touro-louro-louro! Lou gau canto

  14. Jacob Obrecht, c.1450-1505
  15. Den haaghel ende die calde snee

  16. Anon., Piae cantiones, 1582
  17. Gaudete, Christus est natus

  18. Henry Playford, late 17th C
  19. The old year now away is fled ...to the tune Greensleeves

  20. Anthony Holborne, 1599
  21. Almain: The night watch

  22. Traditional, French
  23. Quittez pasteurs

  24. Thomas Ravenscroft, 1611
  25. Remember, O thou man

  26. Anthony Holborne, 1599
  27. Pavan: Heigh-ho-holyday
    Galliard: As it fell on a holy eve

  28. Anon., English, 1642
  29. Drive the cold winter away

  30. Anthony Holborne, 1599
  31. Pavan: The cradle
    Galliard: The new-yeeres gift

  32. Anon., Flemish, 16th C
  33. Er ist een kindeken geboren op d'aard

  34. Traditional, Cornish
  35. The Sans Day carol

  36. Traditional, English
  37. The Gloucestershire wassail

Playing time: 50'50"

Performer: The York Waits - James Merryweather, dir.
[Anthony Barton (cornett, soprano caped shawm, Flemish bagpipes, cittrn, tenor & quint bass recorders, pipe & tabor), Tim Bayley (soprano shawm, sopranino & soprano capped shawm, alto curtal, hurdy-gurdy, alto & bass flutes, tenor & basset recorders), William Marshall (saggbut, alto recorder, cittern), James Merryweather (soprano & alto shawms, bass curtal, English & Flemish bagpipes, tenor recorder), Ian Richardson (soprano capped shawm, bass curtal, hurdy-gurdy, soprano, alto, tenor, quint & great bass recorders), Roger Richardson (alto shawm, soprano & alto capped shawms, tenor curtal, alto & basset recorders), Robin Jeffrey (lute, guitar, cittern, theorbo), Richard Wistreich (bass voice)]

Recording site and date: Forde Abbey, Nr. Chard, Dorset, February 1992

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