Hymnen (aka Adoratio)
Gregorianische Gesänge (2) Hymnen - Gregorian Chant: Hymns
Musica antiqua, München (Choralschola) - Konrad Ruhland, dir.
RCA Victor "Seon" RL 30383 AW [LP]
Pro-Arte PAL-1031 [LP]
Pro-Arte CDD 287 [CD]
Sony "Seon" SBK 62 939 [CD]
Sony (BMG) 88697 38356-2 [CD]


  1. Hymn: Conclusion of the lauds « Te decet laus »
  2. Ordinary: Grand Doxology - Hymn to the Angels « Gloria in excelsis Deo »
  3. Hymn: Lauds on Sundays « Aeterne rerum conditor »
  4. Hymn: Lighting of the Easter Fire « Inventor rutili »
  5. Hymn: Night « Mediae noctis tempus est »
  6. Hymn: Christmas Vespers « A solus ortus cardine »
  7. Hymn: Procession for Palm Sunday « Gloria, laus et honor »
  8. Hymn: Holy Thursday « Sancti, venite, Christi corpus »
  9. Antiphon: Caritas Song to the Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday « Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor »
  10. Hymn: Good Friday at the Holy Cross « Pange, lingua »
  11. Hymn: Easter liturgy of Milan « Hic est dies verus Dei »
  12. Hymn: Lauds for Pentecost « Beata nobis gaudia »
  13. Hymn: To Mary « Ave, maris stella »
  14. Hymn: St. John Hymn (solmization) « Ut queant laxis »
  15. Hymn: Vespers at the feast of Saints Peter and Paul « Aurea luce »
  16. Hymn: Dedication of a Church « Urbs beata Ierusalem »

  17. Gregorian, Peter Abélard
  18. Hymn: Vespers on Saturdays « O quanta, qualia »

  19. Gregorian
  20. Hymn: Farewell to the Alleluia for Lent « Alleluia, dulce carmen »

Playing time: 43' 21"

Choralschola der Capella antiqua, München
Konrad Ruhland, dir.

Recording site and date:
Pfarrhof Reuth in Aicha vorm Wald, Bavaria, Germany [1978];
Rel.: 1980 [LP], 1997 [Seon], 2008 [Sony]

[2], [10]-[12] Mediaphon MED 59047 (title unknown)

a) The RCA LP release has been released in a 3 LPs box with:
RCA Victor "Red Seal" RL 30 831 Gregorian Chant: Sequenzen.
RCA Victor "Red Seal" RL 30 442 Gregorian Chant: Paschale Mysterium.
b) The Pro Arte LP release has been released in a 2 LPs box with:
Pro Arte PALX-1004 Gregorian chant I Paschale mysterium: Holy week
c) Pro Arte CDD-287 [CD] Gregorian chants: Hymns and chants
d) Sony "National Public Radio Milestones Of The Millennium" SK 60 988 [CD] Gloria In Excelsis Deo: Chant, Hymns And Sequences

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