Stoltzer: Four German Psalms

Thomas Stoltzer: Four German Psalms
Capella Antiqua München - Konrad Ruhland
Sony "Seon" SBK 62940 [CD]


  1. Psalm 37: Erzürne Dich nicht (7 voices, treble shawm, treble viol, 2 alto crumhorns, 2 bass viols, organ)
  2. Octo tonorum melodiae, Ton V (2 vielles, alto crumhorn, tenor sackbut, bass viol)
  3. Psalm 12: Hilf, Herr, die Heiligen haben abgenommen (6 voices)
  4. Psalm 13: Herr, wie lange willst du mein so gar vergessen? (5 voices, tenor sackbut, organ)
  5. Octo tonorum melodiae, Ton III (2 vielles, 2 recorders, 3 bass viols)
  6. Psalm 86: Herr, neige deine Ohren (6 voices, 2 treble viols, tenor recorder, tenor vielle, 2 bass viols)

  7. Missa duplex per totum annum (4 voices)
  8. Kyrie
  9. Gloria
  10. Sanctus
  11. Agnus Dei
  12. O admirabile commercium (5 voices)
  13. In Gottes Namen fahren wir (treble shawm, alto sackbut, tenor sackbut, bass crumhorn)
  14. König, ein Herr ob alle Reiche (4 voices)

Performers: Irmengard Metten (soprano), Maria Bichler (soprano), Veronika Obermayer (soprano, vielle, treble viol), Christa Keglmaier (soprano), Helga Radecker (soprano), Elisabeth Ruhland (soprano, vielle, treble viol, positiv organ), Barbara Regul (soprano, treble viol), Leopold Fendt (tenor, crumhorn), Elfried Metten (tenor), Konrad Ruhland (tenor, bass viol), Norbert Regul (tenor), Hans Bichler (tenor, alto sackbut), Johannes Geiger (tenor, recorder, crumhorn), Ernst Obermayer (bass, bass viol), Bernhard Böhm (bass, recorder), Siegfried Winner (bass), Venaz Schubert (bass), Josef Antesberger (bass), Gerhard Lutz (bass viol), Helmut Berger (tenor sackbut), Günter Lohr (treble shawm)

Playing time: 73'25

Recording date: 1974; rel.: 1997

Compilation: Philips "Seon" 6775 017 [LPx2] Thomas Stoltzer: Die Vier Deutschen Psalmen.

Thomas Stoltzer (c.1480/5-1526) was one of the first Protestant composers, and many of the pieces recorded here are landmarks of some kind: the large-scale Psalm compositions are among the first liturgical vernacular compositions written, and the Tonorum melodiae (represented here by two pieces) are the first specifically instrumental compositions ever published.  Also represented are some Latin-texted works, an instrumental song setting, and a German motet in honor of König and Maria Ludwig, regents of Hungary.

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