The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book

The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
Transcriptions for a mixed consort
Charivari agréable
Signum 009


  1. Byrd: Walsingham (violin, 3 viols, harpsichord)
  2. Farnaby: Loth to depart (2 lutes)
  3. Morley arr. Byrd: O Mystress Myne (voice, violin, 3 viols, lute)
  4. Farnaby: Lord Zouches Maske (2 viols, violin, harpsichord)
  5. Bull: Ut re mi fa sol la (violin, 3 viols)
  6. Byrd: Pavana (violin, 3 viols, lute)
  7. Byrd: Galiarda (violin, 3 viols, lute)
  8. Farnaby: Daphne (voice, violin, 3 viols, lute)
  9. Farnaby: Up Tails All (viol, lute, harpsichord)
  10. William Inglott: The Leaves bee greene (viol, organ)
  11. Martin Peerson: The Fall of the Leafe (organ)
  12. Bull: The King's Hunt (flute, violin, 3 viols, cittern, harpsichord)
  13. Gibbons: The Lord of Salisbury his Pavan (lute)
  14. Byrd: Rowland (2 viols)
  15. Anon: Alman (2 viols)
  16. Sweelinck: Praeludium Toccata (viol, chitarrone)
  17. Philips: Amarilli di Julio Romano (voice, 3 viols, lute, harpsichord)
  18. Byrd: Gipseis Round (violin, 3 viols, lute, cittern, harpsichord)

Performers: Susanne Heinrich (viols), Lynda Sayce (flute, lute, chitarrone), Kah-Ming Ng (organ, harpsichord), Oliver Webber (violin), Susanna Pell (bass viol), Reiko Ichise (bass viol), Jacob Heringman (cittern, lute), Rupert Jennings (tenor voice)

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: February 1999 (Gloucestershire)

This recording represents some interesting modern arrangements of keyboard works, inspired by the reworking of material at that time.

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Todd M. McComb