Music for Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Music for Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Chapelle du Roi - Alistair Dixon
Signum 019


  1. Anon: L'homme armé

  2. Morales: Missa L'homme armé
    Plainchant propers for the Feast of the Holy Trinity
  3. Introit - Benedicta sit sancta
  4. Kyrie
  5. Gloria
  6. Alleluia - Qualis Pater
  7. Credo
  8. Offertory - Benedictus sit Deus
  9. Sanctus
  10. Benedictus
  11. Agnus Dei
  12. Communion - Benedicimus Deum
  13. Josquin: Ave Maria
  14. Gombert: Qui colis Ausoniam
  15. Morales: Jubliate Deo
  16. Crecquillon: Andreas Christi famulus
  17. Lassus: Heroum soboles
  18. Don Fernando de las Infantas: Parce mihi Domine

Performers: Elizabeth Franklin-Kitchen (soprano), Emma Preston-Dunlop (soprano), William Missin (alto), William Towers (alto), Stephen Taylor (alto), Robin Tyson (alto), Daniel Ludford-Thomas (tenor), Benjamin Rayfield (tenor), Keith Halliday (tenor), Jonathan Stoughton (tenor), Eamonn Dougan (bass), Francis Brett (bass), Giles Underwood (bass), Nigel Brookes (bass)

Playing time: 76'

Recording date: March 2000 (Hampstead); CD release: 2004

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.) 29/1-329 (September /October 2005)

Note that Credo and Alleluia are listed in the wrong order on the CD case.

An older recording of this mass:

Morales: Missa L'Homme armé
Capella Cordina - Alejandro Planchart
Lyrichord 8009

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