The Queen's Goodnight

The Queen's Goodnight
Allison / Byrd / Corkine / Dowland / Gibbons / Hume / Johnson / Robinson
Charivari Agréable
Signum 020


  1. John Johnson: A Dump or The Queenes Treble
  2. Dowland: A Pavion Solus cum sola
  3. Anon: Robin is to the Greenwood gone
  4. Edward Johnson: A Medley
  5. Richard Allison: Allison's Knell
  6. Anon: Artheres Dump
  7. Thomas Robinson: Twenty Waies upon the Bels
  8. Robinson: The Queenes good Night
  9. Dowland: The most sacred Queene Elizabeth her Galliard
  10. Farnaby: Rest
  11. Hume: Lamentations
  12. Byrd: The Bells
  13. Hume: Deth
  14. Hume: Life
  15. Gibbons: Fantasia
  16. Corkine / Gibbons: Whoope, doe me no harme good man
  17. Johnson: The New Hunt is upp
  18. Anon: The Scottish Huntsupe & Jigg

Performers: Susanne Heinrich (viols), Kah-Ming Ng (virginals, harpsichord, organ), Lynda Sayce (lute)

Playing time: 69'

Recording date: April 2002 (Oxford)

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Todd M. McComb