Beyond the Score

Beyond the Score...
Improvisations for Whit Sunday
Alex Mason
Signum 028


    Variations Veni creator
  1. Tutti
  2. Cantus firmus
  3. Scherzo
  4. Canon à 2
  5. Dialogue
  6. Trio
  7. Fugato
  8. Tierce en taille
  9. Cornet de Grigny
  10. Grand choeur

  11. Messe de la Pentecôte
  12. Introït
  13. Offertoire
  14. Elévation
  15. Communion
  16. Sortie

  17. Machaut-fantaisie after "Je vivroie liement"
  18. Introduction
  19. Scherzo
  20. Adagio
  21. Finale

  22. Suite des Danses
  23. March
  24. Sicilienne
  25. Bolero
  26. Minuet-Waltz
  27. Gigue alla Rumba

Instrument: Organ at Gloucester Cathedral (Thomas Harris, 1666; Bishop and Son, 1831; Henry Willis, 1847 & 1889; Harrison & Harrison, 1920; Hill, Norman & Beard, 1971; Nicholson, 1999)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: May 2000 (Gloucester Cathedral)

The performance style here is essentially late Romantic, in the tradition of the great cathedral organs, especially the French improvisatory practice in the first part of the 20th century (Tournemire et al.). There is little connection to medieval music here, but the third piece does treat a theme by Machaut, although not in a way the average listener can easily perceive.

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