Word Play

Word Play
Virtuosic instrumental settings of madrigals and chansons from 16th century Italy
Musica Antiqua - Philip Thorby
Signum 031


  1. Anon: La Spagna (recorder)
  2. Ebreu: La Spagna (2 viols)
  3. Capirola: La Spagna (lute)
  4. Ortiz: La Spagna (viol, lute)
  5. Bassano: Anchor che col partire (recorder, 3 viols)
  6. Dalla Casa: Anchor che col partire (recorder, lute, viol)
  7. Bovicelli: Anchor che col partire (recorder, lute)
  8. Rogniono: Anchor che col partire (lute, viol)
  9. Willaert: Cantai or piango (6 viols)
  10. Ganassi / Thorby: Cantai or piango (recorder, lute)
  11. Lupi: Susanne ung jour (4 viols)
  12. Bassano: Susanne ung jour (recorder, lute)
  13. Rognoni: Susanne ung jour (viol, organ)
  14. Dalla Casa: Susanne ung jour (recorder, lute)
  15. Terzi: Petit Jacquet (lute, 4 viols)
  16. Dalla Casa: Vestiva i colli (recorder, lute)
  17. Bassani: Vestiva i colli (viol, organ)
  18. Selma: Vestiva i colli (recorder, viol, organ, lute)

Performers: Philip Thorby (recorders, bass viol), Jacob Heringman (lutes, bass viol), Alison Crum (viols), John Bryan (bass viol, chamber organ), Roy Marks (great bass viol), Andrew Kerr (bass viol)

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: December 2000 (York)

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Todd M. McComb