Music for the Six Wives of Henry VIII

Madame d'Amours
Songs, Dances & Consort Music for the Six Wives of Henry VIII
Music Antiqua of London - Philip Thorby
Signum 044


    I. Catherine of Aragon

  1. Francisco de Torre: Danza Alta (3 shawms, percussion)
  2. Cornyshe: Whilles Lyfe or Breth (soprano, viol, harp, 2 lutes)
  3. Anon: My Lady Wnykefylds Rownde (spinet)
  4. Matthieu de Gascongne: Nigra Sum (soprano, 2 viols)
  5. Anon: Adew le companye (soprano, recorder, viol, cornet, lute)
  6. II. Anne Boleyn

  7. Cornyshe: Blow thi Horne (soprano, 2 crumhorns, sackbut, horn, percussion, voices)
  8. Anon: My Lady Carey's dompe (spinet)
  9. Antoine de Fevin: Adiutorium nostrum (soprano, 3 viols)
  10. Anon: La Gamba (4 viols, lute)
  11. Anon: Blame not my lute (soprano, lute)
  12. III. Jane Seymour

  13. Anon: Gentil Prince (3 shawms)
  14. Anon: En vray amoure (3 shawms, percussion)
  15. Anon: Kyng Henry VIII pavyn (3 shawms, sackbut, percussion)
  16. Anon: Madame d'Amours (soprano, cornet, recorder, 2 viols)
  17. Capirola: Ricercar (lute)
  18. Anon: Duke of Somersett's dompe (lute)
  19. IV. Anne of Cleves

  20. Anon: Ainxi bon youre (recorder, viol, lute, percussion)
  21. Barbireau: Een vroulic wesen (soprano, lute)
  22. Anon: La Danse de Cleves (bagpipe)
  23. V. Catherine Howard

  24. Henry VIII: Time to pas with goodly sport (soprano, recorder, cornet, 2 viols, lute, spinet)
  25. Anon: Prince Edwardes pavyn (4 recorders)
  26. Henry VIII: Quam pulchra es (soprano, 2 viols)
  27. Anon: The Kynges marke (cornet, viol, spinet)
  28. Anon: Adew madame (soprano, spinet)
  29. VI. Catherine Parr

  30. Anon: Pavyn of Albart (5 viols, percussion)
  31. Anon: Galliard (5 viols, percussion)
  32. John Marbecke: A virgine and a mother (soprano, 2 viols)
  33. Hugh Ashton: Ashton's maske (4 viols)

Performers: Jennie Cassidy (mezzo-soprano, drum), Philip Thorby (tenor viol, recorders, shawm, drum, voice), John Bryan (treble viol, bass recorder, shawm, crumhorn, spinet, drum), Alison Crum (bass viol, harp, sackbut), Roy Marks (tenor viol, tenor recorder, crumhorn, lute, drum), Ian Harrison (cornet, shawm, bagpipe, tenor recorder, cow horn, voice), Jacob Heringman (lute, tenor viol)

Playing time: 75'

Recording date: January & February 2004 (York)

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